You've got problems.

Dell notebook on fire

There are millions of computers in the world today, and there are problems out there that will affect each one: viruses, malware, updates, defective hardware, software bugs, system crashes, human error, static electricity, power outages, power surges, exploding batteries, lightning strikes, and your entire office burning to the ground.

You've got enough to worry about, like running your business, drumming up sales, and wondering what to make for dinner. Let us worry about your computers.

We've got solutions.

Forget about acronyms, companies, and all that technical mumbo-jumbo for a minute. What makes us better than the competition?

We promise individual support.

With Vectro, your company will be assigned one of our hand-picked engineers, who will learn your system inside and out and be able to provide any level of support at a moment's notice. Thus, when you pick up the phone or fire off an email, you'll always know the engineer on the other side. You'll never be just some case number in some overseas call center. We promise.

We hire the best, the brightest, and the dedicated.

Our staff's positive attitude ensures that in your time of need, you'll never get someone who sees your problem as a speed bump on the road to payday, but someone who sees your problem and is motivated to overcome the challenge.