Trident Core


Trident Core allows us to provide continuous protection and full management of your firewall, core and access network switches, wireless APs and controllers. A business would benefit from this solution if they have a medium to large network of computers and need consistent protection and monitoring.

  • Firewall / Switch

Firewalls are set up as the first line of defense to protect your computers and private network from malware, viruses, hackers, and any other unauthorized users from accessing the network.

Switches are set up on a computer network to efficiently manage the flow of data between devices while also maximizing the security of the network.

  • Controller and AP

A controlled access point is used to extend a wireless network across a large area. This allows employees or users to stay connected to the network without interruption anywhere throughout the office premises.

  • Monitoring

Remote IT monitoring allows Vectro to proactively manage client's networks, computers and endpoints. This allows us to view and maintain the health and status of all machines and networks. From there, we're able to make necessary updates, stay ahead of issues, and prevent down time.

Additional Managed Services Include:

Trident Endpoint

Trident Endpoint provides constant virus protection, fully managed server, workstation and POS, patch management, service monitoring, and task automation.

Trident Cloud

Trident Cloud includes fully managed cloud data protection, backup and monitoring for SaaS and public/private cloud workloads.

As A Vectro Client, You will Receive:

  • Personalized on-site and remote support.

  • A team of professionals on call.

  • Automation of tasks to make your day easier.

  • A client portal to manage your account.


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