Virtual CIO

Empowering Your Business With Virtual IT Solutions

With Vectro as your Designated Virtual CIO (vCIO) or Fractional CIO, we can collaborate with and perform the same functions as a conventional CIO, and help customers maintain and secure their existing IT infrastructure.  We can also formulate strategic, tactical, and operational plans, risk management, develop security policies, business impact analysis, and BCDR.   We also identify opportunities to drive innovation, as well as business success and revenue including planning the IT budget, analyzing, and reworking business processes, and facilitating technology changes.  Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Our Professional Services Include:


We can implement and migrate on-premise applications and workloads to SaaS platforms with Google Workspace, Office 365, and Azure/AWS.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We provide relevant and current training for trending phishing scams and general cyber security awareness.

Penetration Testing

We will identify and mitigate vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment to reduce the attack surface for threats.

Project Management

We will supervise your project through all phases of deployment, including managing the plan, organization, and accountability of specific vendors and deadlines.


We stay diligent to find and fix coverage gaps that occur over time to maintain an optimal wireless network.

Wifi Analysis

We stay diligent to find and fix coverage gaps that occur over time to maintain an optimal wireless network.

Web Design & Development

Expert intuitive website design and mobile responsive website development with compliant hosting packages.

Voice Communications

We support existing PBX and VOIP systems and can also install new lower cost, scalable communication systems that are cloud based and resilient to site outages.

Disaster Recovery

We can build a continuity plan to help businesses recover quickly from an unplanned outage, hardware loss, or even from modem threats such as Ransomware.

As A Vectro Client, You will Receive:

  • Personalized on-site and remote support.

  • A team of professionals on call.

  • Automation of tasks to make your day easier.

  • A client portal to manage your account.


You’ve got enough to worry about – like running your business, drumming up sales, and wondering what to make for dinner.
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